the fife Club project

Since starting The Fife Club Project seven years ago through the Concordia Foundation, Abbie has worked with hundreds of children across the UK, Switzerland and Kenya. She travelled to Nairobi with Concordia in 2011, giving fife workshops in schools and orphanages, and there are still fife clubs at St John's 'informal school' in Korogocho slum. Fife Projects in the UK focus on primary schools where music budgets have been cut.

She has worked in numerous primary schools across London, designing workshop plans and presentations. As well as fife tuition, workshops have included African drumming, singing, dancing, mask and prop making, instrument demonstrations, puppetry, calligraphy, creative writing, instrument making, and falconry(!).

Past project themes have included 'The Magic Fife' (focusing on Mozart's 'The Magic Flute'), 'The History of the Fife and Drum' and 'Fifes and Fairytales'. In 2016 she launched 'Round the World in 80 Fifes' in four schools and also ran a series of fife workshops in Switzerland as part of La Côte Flute Festival.